At VANDEL we believe in the "gentleman driver" essence. Everything we do obtains its inspiration from those people, which no matter their career they tried their luck in racing, in particular those in which the risk lied in wait in every corner. We are motivated by the Steve McQueen quote:

"Racing is life. Anything before or after is just waiting".

We believe in the "gentleman driver" spirit in the same way great interests have inspired cultures and ways of life associated to them like surfing, motor biking and skiing. A spirit that has been orphaned to which we would like to give an answer to. 

The how we wanted to give the answer was something we had clear since the start. Products with great design, the highest quality materials, an unmatched attention to detail, an elaborated craftsmanship and without large logos that would speak more of the brand than the man wearing them would.

Looking to transfer all this character to a product we decided to create shoewear every “gentleman driver” could wear in a Le Mans Race and immediately after go to a meeting with his boss or clients without the need to change their shoe gear.

We believe in a different way of understanding fashion by combining it with the passion for motor racing. With this starting point VANDEL was born, pooling the old day’s tastefulness and the latest men trends.


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