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Care guide

VANDEL shoes are all manufactured from high quality materials, so it is important to keep them as brand new. 

You may simply wipe the shoes with a moist cloth or sponge (your may also use soapy water). Then rub the surface of the shoe with a dry towel.

Afterwards use a suede brush to brush the shoe and remove dirt and dust that has collected on your shoe. Suede brush bristles are made of wire. The brush will also remove scuff marks.

Remove the water excess from the surface and let it dry at room temperature (away from sunlight and heating sources).

Once the shoes are completely dry you shall rub them again using the suede brush.

Keep in mind that you shall also rub clean areas in order to avoid uneven surfaces (either in color or texture).

To remove scuff and tough stains you may also use a pencil eraser. Do not use a pink eraser, as this can transfer pink dye onto your shoes. Instead, use a colorless white or brown gum eraser.

In order to prevent your shoes from staining you may use a suede protector spray. The spray protects the suede from water and other elements that might stain or damage the surface. Note that the spray may change the color of the leather.

Store them properly.You shall not leave your shoes out in the sun, since it could fade and warp the leather. Store your shoes in a cool dark closet.