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  • August 11, 2020 2 min read

    It is a rare summer day in Spain. Rain, temperatures below 20º and a very slow vibe to the day. It felt like the perfect day to start our blog and to review the greatest racing documentaries we are in love with and they are a must watch in case you have the luck to not know about them. 

    In this first part we turn our eyes back to 2008, in which Audi Sport published a documentary the of the magnificent story of their fifth consecutive win in the Le Mans 24 hours under the name "Truth in 24":

    In our opinion, this documentary was a tipping point in how racing documentaries are produced by providing unprecedented insights and setting the tone for the documentaries we see today in racing. We are sure "Drive To Survive" producers have very well studied it to the finest detail.  

    The documentary was a huge success, which in parallel to Audi's dominance gave us a follow up documentary from their 2011 win, "Truth in 24 II":

    Unfortunately, Audi's departure from the WEC championship left fans craving for a third rumored film that never saw the light of day and there is yet, under our view, no documentary at par with these ones around the LMP1 category. There have been some nice attempts by Porsche with GT Pro and GT Am stories which we will cover in future posts. 

    The production was so incredible that you might have missed that Jason Statham was the narrator of both films. If you liked the score, it was led in both occasions by David Robidoux and you can find the score in Spotify for the first part:

    • Truth in 24 - Spotify.
    • Truth in 24 II: they leveraged David's Robidoux's composition for the NFL's "Road to the Super Bowl XLIII" which unfortunately is no longer available in Spotify. 

    What are your thoughts on these documentaries? Are you sad like us that Audi left the WEC championship?